Saturday, September 30, 2023

PM: Gaming Houses to Remain Shut

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PM Hubert Minnis sets the record straight on the reopening of gaming operators

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said gaming houses should remain closed as the special provisions of the emergency order only permits businesses to reopen for home delivery and curbside services.

Speaking on Sunday, Dr. Minnis said, “They (the provisions) were never intended to apply to the operations of gaming houses, and this is now made abundantly clear by the provisions of Part B of the Order,” he said.

Dr. Minnis further stated, “Those provisions specifically state that permission to engage in home delivery and curbside pick-up services do not apply to a gaming house operator.”

He continued: “Part C of the Order codifies and sets out the terms and conditions based on which certain additional establishments or businesses have been permitted to reopen nationally for home delivery and curbside pick-up.”

Dr. Minnis said business owners should carefully read the provisions, and comply with the physical distancing and sanitization requirements, and the requirement for the remote or electronic placement of all purchase orders, both for curbside and home delivery services.

He said, “These provisions are designed to relate strictly to retail business establishments which can operate efficiently without the need for direct person-to-person physical contact or face to face interactions.”

On Wednesday, a local daily, the Nassau Guardian reported the reopening of gaming houses with curbside services.

Gaming houses noted that “they saw a steady stream of customers on the first day back in business” when the government permitted the operation of businesses through delivery and curbside services.


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