Talk Show Host Defends DPM’s Comments on Show

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Steve Mckinney says minister’s comments were taken out of context

Veteran journalist and evening talk show host of Hard Copy, Steve McKinney said the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Peter Turnquest was “misquoted,” while appearing as a guest on his talk show.

A video clip circulated social media representing Turnquest as saying that Bahamians have their rent and mortgage money “tied up in the cupboard”.

On Tuesday while on 107.5 fm, McKinney said, “Peter didn’t say that…this was taken out of context.”

The Finance Minister also issued a press statement on Tuesday, dismissing the video. He said the video was “circulated in a way that conveys a meaning never intended.”

He said, “The point being made was about the importance of balancing our needs and obligations in times of uncertainty. It was never intended to call into questions anyone’s character.”

Turnquest said his government is aware of vulnerable Bahamians who live paycheck to paycheck and are adjusting to these difficult circumstances, as the country experiences economic impact of the shutdown.

He praised his government’s investment of over $120 million in support programs to expand the social safety net and distribution of food supplies to Bahamians in poverty.

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