Monday, June 5, 2023


Bahamians Advised to Take Additional Funds When Traveling for Unforeseen Expenses Related to COVID-19 Protocols

Bahamians traveling abroad should carry sufficient funds to cover unforeseen additional COVID-19 expenses, advised the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


  • A large number of Bahamians are approaching Bahamas embassies and consulates overseas requesting financial assistance related to COVID-19 testing, quarantine, accommodations, and airline ticket changes.
  • Overseas missions do not have sufficient discretionary financial resources to accommodate and maintain persons who find themselves stranded because of a lack of funds.
  • Persons traveling in this COVID environment should anticipate that there will be delays and interruptions in their schedules that may result in them having to remain in these overseas jurisdictions longer than they had intended.

What’s the procedure for help?

Request for assistance is considered on its own merits. The general policy governing the award of financial assistance to Bahamians in foreign jurisdictions is to have a family member, etc, deposit with the Consular Division of the ministry an amount equivalent to the amount requested of the Overseas Mission by the person who, because of unforeseen circumstances resulting from COVID-19 protocols requires assistance.

The funds will then be advanced to the individual by the nearest Consular Office, whose funds will then be reimbursed by the ministry.

Canada Police: Bahamian Woman Struck by Train is Suspicious

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said it is working with Canadian Police to bring home the remains of a Bahamian woman killed in Canada more than two weeks ago.

The ministry said it is obtaining more information surrounding the death of Judith Taylor.

This comes as the ministry also works with its Honorary Consul in Houston Texas to determine the death of Kani Rahming, who was shot and killed in Texas on Friday night.

What we know about Judith Taylor’s death

  • Her death is ruled suspicious after she was struck by a UP Express train on September 7th
  • According to police officials, a UP Express train was heading east at the location when it struck a woman situated on the rail line.
  • At around 5:50 am Toronto police responded to calls of a woman struck by a train at Weston Road and Black Creek Drive.
  • Judith was pronounced dead at the scene.
  • Police say they are not sure if the incident was intentional or accidental.
  • She lived and worked near Toronto, Canada.
  • The preliminary investigation report will be completed by the end of this week.

How did UP Express respond to the death?

UP Express suspended its services for a period.

Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikens tweeted, “Sadly a confirmed fatality,” Metrolinx spokesperson Anne Marie Aikins tweeted on Monday. “Thinking about the family and our crew and all those involved in [the] investigation.”

Ministry of Foreign Affairs response

The Ministry officials in conjunction with the Bahamas High Commission in Ottawa will remain in contact with the family of Ms. Taylor, as well as, Bahamian and Canadian Police, to obtain more information .

The ministry requests that the public keep family and loved ones of the deceased in their prayers during this difficult and tragic time.

Passport Office Closes after Suspect COVID-19 Case

One employee at the Passport Office on Thompson Blvd is in quarantine for 14 days, following contact with a close relative, confirmed for the virus.

The office closed its door on Tuesday for sanitization and cleaning after the employee of the Passport Office reported to work at 9 am on Monday, and left promptly after receiving a call from the Ministry of Health informing that a close relative had tested positive for Covid-19.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs said the employee, who is asymptomatic and showing no symptoms of Covid-19 infection, was instructed to quarantine for 14 days.

The ministry asked that the employee be tested for Covid-19,  to allay the concerns of staff who may have contacted the employee.

The office will reopen on Wednesday 29th July at 9 am.

The Ministry said staff will contact all persons holding appointments for Tuesday and provide them with the necessary follow up information.

Customers are asked to use the online renewal portal at mofa.gov.bs for the quick renewal of adult passports.