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‘I Can’t Believe This. She Didn’t Deserve This’: Family Grieves Mother and Daughter Gruesomely Killed

Family and friends of the mother and daughter found dead early Friday morning are in disbelief after their decomposing bodies were inflicted with lacerations to the neck.

“I can’t believe this. You didn’t deserve this. My heart is breaking,” cousin Rollie Brown expressed.

Allison Thompson, 37, and her daughter Trevoniqua, 14, were killed in their apartment on Ross Corner. Police were alerted to a foul odor emanating from an upstairs room. They then breached the locked door and found the pair lying on the floor of the apartment, showing signs of rigor mortis.

Friend Anna Sweeting said, “I’m in tears right now. [She was] such a sweet soul.”

Friends remembered the mother of two for her warm personality and humor.

“I met her late and she still told me, ‘I love you family. We are blood,’” cousin Quisha mourned.

“Every time I saw her, she shouted ‘cousin’ from wherever and I‘ll smile and shout back, ‘family,’” Quisha continued.

Thompson, who once worked as a security guard, was known for her “youth, wisdom, and comedic conversations.”

“No one could beat her finding a job,” her uncle Paul Thompson remembered.

Thompson’s daughter, found next to her, was a student at TA Thompson Junior High School.

“Trevonika was a sweet person. She would do anything you ask her to do…If they wanted her to go to the shop, she going to get whatever it is,” Thompson’s cousin, Renell Clarke told the Nassau Guardian.

Police believed the pair may have been killed more than 24 hours, and the day they were discovered was Thompson’s birthday. She was preparing to celebrate and had already purchased a birthday cake with an imprinted image of herself, according to family and friends.

Friend Lashan said Thompson treated her like a member of her family.

“Thirty-seven years I have known [her] and [she] wasn’t just like a friend, [she] was more like a little sister to me.”

Police soon arrested a 23-year-old man, believed to be Thompson’s boyfriend.

Reports are that he returned to the crime scene after telling a family member that he had killed Thompson and her daughter.

Jasmine Brown, a cousin of the victims, lamented, “My heart is hurting so bad. I see what people feel when they lose someone. This kill[ed] me inside.”

The family hopes to render counseling for Thompson’s 13-year-old son, who by happenstance, was with his father.

What We Know About the Double Murder of a Mother and Daughter in Nassau Village

Thirty-year-old Alicia Sawyer and 8-year-old Ednique Wallace were killed in Nassau Village on Monday morning by gunshots fired by Sawyer’s boyfriend, Travon Stevens.

8-year-old Ednique Wallace killed by her mother’s boyfriend, Travon Stevens on Monday morning. Photo Credit: Social media

After the murder, the Criminal Investigation Unit quickly issued a wanted person bulletin for Travon Stevens, believed to have a rap sheet of convictions.

Travon Stevens killed the mother and daughter in their Nassau Village home. Photo Credit: RBPF

The case has brought national attention to murder against women and children, following recent crimes against these vulnerable groups.

Here’s what we know:

What happened before Alicia Sawyer was killed

  • One day before her murder, Alicia Sawyer told police that Travon Stevens, her boyfriend, choked and kicked her while at his house.
  • Stevens raped her.
  • Stevens sent the nude pictures to her contacts.
  • Stevens bribed Sawyer not to report him to the police

What happened Monday morning

  • A young girl called police, saying her mother was dead at their residence.
  • Police discovered the bodies of Sawyer and her daughter Ednique on Stack Avenue, Nassau Village at 8 am on Monday.
  • Stevens ran away from the scene and was on the run from police before his capture on Monday night.
  • Initial police investigation ruled the incident domestic in nature.

What happened Monday evening

  • Police arrested Stevens’ father.
  • Police gained insight into Stevens’ whereabouts and surveyed his movement.
  • Reports say Stevens was seen near his residence in Garden Hills, before turning himself into police.
  • Stevens surrendered to the police after 9 pm on Monday evening.