Which Pharmacies are Open and Closed in Price Control Debacle? Here’s a List

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Many pharmacies are closed today until further notice to protest the government’s decision to implement price control on medications which they say will negatively impact their ability to operate.

The pharmaceutical retailers and wholesalers said they were not consulted and were “blindsided” by the government’s decision to add fourteen of its medications to a price control list.

The Bahamas Pharmaceutical Association which represents the whole and retail pharmacies in the country said the price control measures cut into their budget and threaten their ability to remain open.


Here’s a list of Pharmacies Open today, many of which include government clinics.

  1. McCartney’s Pharmacy
  2. Elizabeth Estates Clinic
  3. Doctor’s Hospital
  4. Flamingo Gardens Clinic
  5. Fleming Street Clinic
  6. South Beach Health Center
  7. Exuma Primary Care Center

Here’s a list of Pharmacies Closed Today

  1. McCartney’s Pharmacy
  2. Smitty’s Pharmacy
  3. Chappies Pharmacy
  4. Sav-Mor Drugs
  5. RMC Pharmacy
  6. Wilmac’s Pharmacy
  7. Nassau Agencies
  8. Abaco Island Pharmacy
  9. Lowe’s Pharmacy
  10. Comprehensive Pharmacy
  11. Curry’s Pharmacy
  12. Walk in Clinic
  13. World Wide Pharmaceuticals
  14. Da Medicine Place
  15. QVC Pharmacy
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