Monday, May 29, 2023

‘Teachers at Thelma Gibson Primary Are Blatantly Lying On My Mother’: Son Defends Principal Daxon After School Scuffle

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The son of controversial Principal Olivia Daxon is defending his mother after a scuffle erupted at the emergency school meeting as teachers of Thelma Gibson Primary School continue to seek her dismissal.

Timothy Daxon took to social media to condemn the media for its “manipulation of the public’s perspective of my mother” after the Eye Witness News broadcasted a brawl with the sister and some teachers at the school after the meeting.


He said, “What’s amazing to me is that Eye Witness News Bahamas is carrying this one-sided story as far as they can…Not once has our side of the story been asked about or broadcasted.

“My mother’s name has been dragged through the mud for weeks, due to fake news.

“Teachers at Thelma Gibson Primary are blatantly lying on my mother,” he said.

Timothy said he and his sister showed up to the meeting to support Daxon since so many opposed her.

Principal Daxon made headlines in recent weeks as teachers protested outside the Office of the Prime Minister demanding her removal because of her “leadership, behavior and conduct” as claimed by Belinda Wilson, President of the Bahamas Union of Teachers. 

Teacher Kathyann Duncombe said Daxon destroyed the culture at the school and victimized teachers, adding that 402 parents signed a petition to remove her.

Teachers have since refused to show up for work and on Friday evening during the meeting, ministry officials petitioned them to return to the classroom.

Alesha Hart, an attendee at the meeting which later turned chaotic, said officials are not doing enough to resolve the debacle at the school.

“The Minister and the Ministry of Education have been non-leaders in this saga. There was no resolution but one, ‘teachers return to the class.’”

She appealed for Education Minister Glenys Hanna-Martin to do more.

“Your relentless reference this evening to ‘due process’ was fallacious. Leadership is a verb. If you were in demonstration of leadership the principal and teacher would have been relocated for the development of the cohesive school environment.”

Hanna-Martin questioned the premise of the petition. “These are disputed facts,” she told the media. “We are looking for orderly resolution.”


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