Monday, May 29, 2023

The Sticking Points in the 2022-2023 Budget Communication

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Prime Minister Philip Davis presented the Budget in the House of Assembly on Wednesday, which Opposition Leader Michael Pintard believes lacks sufficient details.

Davis promised that the new budget will focus on economic growth, and job creation; assist Bahamians with the cost of living; and will highlight the home and border security.

What Prime Minister Davis says:

  • The new budget provides salary increases for teachers and nurses, including monies owed.
  • The minimum wage will increase incrementally, beginning in July 2022
  • His government will restore funding for elite athletes and programs, and it will provide $1 million for the hosting of the Carifta Games, Bahamas Games and Relay Games.
  • The PLP government will provide a 10% increase in grants for the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Culture.
  • $500,000 will be allocated for Urban Renewal–education and community programs.
  • Churches, trade unions and burial societies are exempted from property tax.
  • The Davis administration will provide funding for renewable energy and is set to increase its fleet of electric cars.
  • $6 million will be provided for vessels of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force.
  • $10 million will be provided for catastrophic healthcare.

What Opposition Leader Michael Pintard says

Michael Pintard says the new budget should have been about growth. In a press conference following the Budget reading in the House of Assembly, Pintard with other members of the Opposition asked how will the government sustain and pay for many of the things mentioned in the Budget.

He said Davis should have addressed the challenges the country faces and layout a plan to face the challenges.

Pintard wished that there was an emphasis on price inflation, tax policies, the youth population and their concerns, crime and violence in the country and the Disaster Reconstruction Authority with more focus on Grand Bahama and Abaco following the destructions left behind by Hurricane Dorian.





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