Who is Dancehall Artist Dexta Daps?

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Jamaican Dancehall Artist Dexta Daps expected to hold a concert this weekend in New Providence and Grand Bahama, with more than 2000 concert goers.

But plans were squashed when the Ministry of Health and Wellness disapproved of the size and denied a request for the event, citing COVID-19 risks.

While many Bahamians are expressing anger over the cancellation, some Bahamians are puzzled and are asking, “Who is Dexta Daps?”

  1. He is a 36-year-old, Jamaican native, living in New York City.
  2. Dexta Daps was born Louis Grandison and is known for dancehall music and ballads.  He is known for his smooth vocals and provocative lyrics.
  3. His hits include the ballad Morning Love, 7Eleven, Shabba Madda Pot and Breaking Point.
  4. He has positioned himself as a sex symbol, and most of his ballads depict intimate lovers.
  5. In 2020, Dexta Daps was locked up for one month, under the state of public emergency. He was questioned about gang-related activities and was released without charge.
  6. In September 2021, he made headlines for disregarding COVID-19 protocols at a sold-out, tightly packed concert in New York City.

Listen here for some of his music: Dexta Daps Music





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