Saturday, September 30, 2023

$100 Bank Note with Arthur Hanna’s Face Took Five Years To Design

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Central Bank of the Bahamas said Sir Arthur Hanna died before the completion of the design of the $100 banknote bearing his likeness.

In a press statement, Central Bank said since 2016, it was working with the government to design a new $100 banknote with Hanna’s image, before his demise.

The bank said the $100 banknote would have marked the first time in Bahamian history that a banknote would have borne an image of a living Bahamian, recognized for his contributions to the country’s development.

Why it matters

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis announced in the House of Assembly on Wednesday that government would redesign the $100 banknote, replacing the face of Queen Elizabeth II with the face of Hanna who was the seventh Governor-General of the Bahamas and a ‘founding father’ of the nation.

The big picture

Hanna died last week at the age of 93. He was remembered as a Bahamian giant who fought for all.

The $100 banknote was the last note bearing the likeness of Queen Elizabeth. All banknotes were replaced with Bahamian figures.

How are banknotes designed?

Producing and redesigning bank notes are time-intensive initiatives.

The process involves sourcing and licensing a portrait, designing the aesthetics, adding security, choosing the optimal substrate (cotton, polymer, or composite), and printing and delivering the notes, which can take many years to accomplish.

The Central Bank said it is pleased with the $100 banknote that it is about to release in the coming weeks.

The note will be released in September.

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