Marine Accused of Government House Murder Goes Free

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A jury acquitted a marine seaman of murder and attempted murder on Wednesday, following weeks of deliberation in the high profile case involving the killing of a petty officer at Government House in 2019.

Able Seaman Jevon Seymour left the courthouse a free man after his acquittal.

During the proceedings, Seymour took the stand maintaining he had nothing to do with the murder of his superior Petty Officer Percival Perpall who served as Commanding Officer at Government House.

Seymour claimed to have been at a party on the early morning of the incident.

The big story

On April 28, 2019, security at Government House was compromised when Perpall was shot and killed by an intruder believed to be Seymour.

Coworkers of Seymour, Marine Seamen Calvin Hanna and Ellis Rahming worked with Perpall during the shift and claimed to have seen Seymour fired his weapon at Perpall.

Both officers said Seymour also shot at them during the ordeal.

The officers said they chased Seymour, but he escaped.

Why it matters

This incident shocked the country as security at the highest office in the land was compromised.

Former Governor-General Her Excellency Dame Marguerite Pindling was not on the property at the time of the incident.


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