Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ingraham Vows to Get Vaccine as He Battles with COVID-19

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74-year-old former Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham hospitalized with the infectious disease COVID-19, said without a doubt, he will receive the COVID-19 vaccine when it becomes available.

Speaking to the Nassau Guardian, Ingraham said, “There’s no question I’m going to get the vaccine.”

“I would have gotten the vaccine whether I had COVID or not. As soon as I am able to, as soon as it’s available to me, yes ma’am, absolutely, positively.”

Why it matters

Ingraham is one of few politicians who have contracted the virus.

As infection rates are being lowered, the country is set to receive its first batch of Astra-Zeneca vaccine doses in the coming months. However, a number of Bahamians said they will not take the vaccine.

The big picture

Ingraham is said to be stable but in critical care at Doctor’s Hospital, receiving treatment for the virus.  His breathing is being assisted with an oxygen tank.

What happened

Ingraham said he went to the doctor after not feeling well. The doctor initially thought he had bronchitis, but later determined he had COVID-19 after running a test on him and his wife Delores.

“I went and did all the tests for the heart and the x-rays and they all came out fine and then I continued to have discomfort, mostly in urinating,” he said.

He waited 10 days at home to see how the virus progressed but was soon admitted to the hospital.

His wife is said to be doing fine, he said.

Ingraham is still perplexed as to how he contracted the virus, saying he has been cautious in his movements only leaving home for the office then returning home after work.

“I go nowhere,” he said. “I’ve kept my mask on whenever I get outside my house, outside my yard, so I have no idea what could have happened.”

Ingraham, however, acknowledged that his movement in recent weeks may have resulted in the contraction of the virus.

“I did one thing. I went to my barber several weeks ago…I have been in the pharmacy twice in the last year. I have not been in the food store. I’ve not traveled anywhere.

Former Health Minister Dr.Sands, one of Ingraham’s primary caregivers, said Ingraham is under close observation.

“We hope that the prognosis is good, but we have to be vigilant and continue his treatment several more days,” he said.

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