Saturday, November 26, 2022

Bimini Partygoers Ticketed as COVID-19 Cases Skyrocket on the Island

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Bimini police issued tickets to a large group of young people seen in a video violating the COVID-19 emergency order while attending a beach party on that island.

The video, which made the rounds on social media shows a crowd on a beach, where attendees wore no masks nor practiced social distancing. Attendees stood closely together, singing and dancing.

The deejay is seemingly in defiance of the protocols, stating, “It’s after 12. Bimini ain’t on no curfew. Nassau on curfew. It’s after 12. We are in Bimini.”

Why it matters?

The island has a total of 74 COVID-19 cases to date, with 11 new cases reported on Sunday.

The big picture

  • Back in May, a two-week lockdown was imposed after cases skyrocketed on the island and it was deemed a ‘hotspot.’ Officials believed the lockdown measures curtailed the increase and flattened the curve on that island.
  • The island recorded the country’s first coronavirus death, 57-year-Kim Johnson, who died after being airlifted to New Providence. She later tested positive for the virus.

What police say

  • The party was at Radio Beach, in Alice Town, held on Saturday night.
  • Party-goers were not given permission to hold the party.
  • The hosts and attendees were ticketed, and police are looking to identify the others to serve citations.
  • Police say these actions will not be tolerated and they will enforce the law.

It remains to be seen if the island will be placed on a second lockdown as cases rise again.

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