Saturday, June 3, 2023

Police ‘Relieved of Duties’ after Exuma Shooting Victim Dies. What is Known

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A police officer in Exuma has been relieved of his duties after the shooting of a man on that island on Wednesday night.

What we know

  • The victim is Jarvis Burrows.
  • The incident occurred after 9 pm in Exuma Island, allegedly over possession of a bag of marijuana.
  • It involved an off-duty police officer.
  • The man was shot in his lower extremities.
  • The victim was taken to an Exuma medical facility for treatment.
  • The man died at 11 pm while waiting for an air ambulance at the Exuma airport to be taken to New Providence for medical care.
Jarvis Burrows, the victim in a police-involved shooting. Photo credit: FB

What a video shows

  • A video circulated shows the man lying on the ground in a pool of blood while an officer stands over, taking a small baggie of suspected marijuana out of his hand.
  • The officer is seen with a gun in his hand.
  • A man known to both the victim and the officer pleads for “Anderson”  to take Jarvis to the hospital.
The hand of the officer showing the bag of suspected drugs, taken from the victim.

What’s not known

  • It is not known what led to the shooting.
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