Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Two Bahamian Smugglers Caught at Sea

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U.S Coast Guards intercepted two Bahamian smugglers at sea on Friday and transported them to Customs and Border Patrol after 23 illegal Haitian migrants were found aboard a 25-foot pleasure craft.

Migrants and smugglers caught aboard the 25-foot vessel. Photo by Petty Officer 3rd Class Matthew Huber. U.S. COAST GUARD DISTRICT 7

The Bahamian men were caught off the coast of Palm Beach, Florida.

The crew of Coast Guard Cutter Richard Etheridge and Customs and Border Protection Air and Marine Operations spotted the vessel 10 miles east of Palm Beach.

Eight women were found onboard with 15 men and the two suspected smugglers.

The smugglers were transferred to Customs and Border Patrol for potential prosecution.

Migrants were given food and basic medical attention.

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