Wednesday, February 8, 2023

How Long Island Confirmed It’s First Case of COVID-19

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Long Island has recorded its first case of the coronavirus, confirmed by its MP Adrian Gibson.
Gibson said the first case is a close relative.

What is known?

The first case is a male. It is not known how he contracted the virus as he has no recent history of travel.

The man found out his condition after attending doctors in New Providence for another matter and was then informed of the COVID-19 infection.

“We were advised of this diagnosis yesterday. We do not know how he contracted the virus. He has no recent history of travel and he is mostly home-based,” Gibson said.
The man is presently in hospital, in stable condition.

What is suspected?

Gibson suspected that the relative contracted the virus as a result of newcomers to the island. He said people unfamiliar to the islanders have frequented Long Island communities and have been seen throughout the island.

“These persons have either not lived in Long Island for years or have come to Long Island because of its now formerly COVID-free status and the lack of a curfew/lockdown,” he said.
Gibson added that recent deaths on Long Island are also subject to review by health officials.

Gibson’s advice?

The Long Island MP said he strongly advises against inter-island travel, except for medical or emergency reasons.
He urged residents to report anyone coming to Long Island without permission, without a test, and who are not in quarantine, and not to allow visitors to their homes.
“I am advised that such travel – and interaction with Long Islanders by outsiders – has resulted in potential community spread and the need for several other persons to be tested.”
The Ministry of Health confirmed on Sunday night that there are 32 additional confirmed cases of COVID-19, bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 2,167.
Three additional deaths are now under investigation, with a tally of thirteen unclassified deaths.
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