Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Why Bahamians Are Calling For Change on Independence Day

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Protesters say they are marching against injustices dealt to Bahamians throughout the years

On Independence Day, scores of Bahamians marched Baillou Hill Road before assembling in Rawson Square, calling for political, economic and social change.

Chanting, praying and singing, the group called for a new day, demanding that the government put Bahamians first and requesting a change in the system.

Leader of Operation Sovereign Bahamas Adrian Francis backed by Chairman of the Democratic National Alliance Omar Smith and leader of the Bahamas Constitution Party Allie McIntosh said, “We’re here in the commerce of the Bahamas, the economic power and political power.

“Today we demand the power back. We want our economic power back. We want our natural resources back. We want the things that have been stolen from the Bahamian people to be returned to the Bahamian people. We want our country restored. Give us back our things. We want our country back. We want to show America and the rest of the world that we are not cowards.

“We want more money for our police officers. We want more money for our nurses and doctors. We want more money for our teachers.”

Met by officers of the Royal Bahamas Police Force, the crowd then chanted, “No more shanty towns, no more shanty towns,” referencing the illegal squatting by Haitian migrants in the country.

The group then shouted, “No more Chinese economy,” before marching and praying around the House of Assembly.

This protest comes two days after Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle said he denied requests for protest and motorcades, asking the public to abide by the regulations.

But noted Attorney Paul Moss, also a protester said, Commissioner Rolle does not understand the instructions given in the Covid-19 emergency order and the freedom to assemble by protesters, is an “inherent right.”

The protesters soon left Rawson Square and marched back to Windsor Park, their meeting place, after being asked to leave by police officers.

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