Thursday, September 29, 2022

2 Repatriation Exercises Scheduled for This Week

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More Bahamians stuck abroad to come home from Ft. Lauderdale

The repatriation exercise suspended by the government will resume this week.

The exercise was suspended recently after it was discovered that a passenger on the first flight that brought 183 Bahamians home from Florida, travelled, although he was confirmed COVID-19 positive by Florida health officials.

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said on Sunday in a national address, “The repatriation of Bahamians from overseas will resume this week. The system has been streamlined in order to avoid what happened during the last exercise, when a passenger who had a COVID-19 positive result overseas was allowed to board a return flight home.

When tested at home, the passenger was confirmed COVID-19 negative, having passed the test twice.

“Subsequent testing by the Ministry of Health following the passenger’s arrival has shown this individual is now COVID-19 negative,” Dr. Minnis said.

Dr. Minnis said two repatriation exercises are scheduled for Thursday 21st and Saturday 23rd from Ft. Lauderdale into New Providence.

Those who are seeking to return home through this repatriation exercise and who meet the required protocols, including a COVID-19 negative test, may book directly through Bahamasair, he said.

He added that the individuals who already have a return ticket on Bahamasair should call the airline’s ticket office between 9am and 5pm starting on Monday.

Passengers will be required to present the COVID-19 negative test result to a Bahamasair agent before being allowed to board the aircraft.

He said a representative from the Counsel General will be present to validate the test result.

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