Saturday, September 30, 2023

Darville Questions Rand’s Preparedness in Face of Weather Warnings

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Opposition Senator Michael Darville is questioning the readiness of the Rand Memorial Hospital as the Bahamas Department of Meteorology issues weather warnings.

Dr. Darville said, “This season is expected to be an active one and residents of Grand Bahama are understandably concerned about the state of readiness of the Rand Memorial Hospital that was extensively damaged during Dorian’s landfall last year.”

He said, “We therefore call on the government to state unequivocally whether Grand Bahama is adequately prepared.

“There is too much anxiety among our people and the government must ease this disquiet by demonstrating that it has a firm handle on this situation to avoid what could become another explosive situation and man made disaster,” he said.

The Rand Memorial Hospital’s temporary health facilities erected by the Samaritan’s Purse sustained damage in a recent torrential rainfall.

Darville said the placement of these temporary facilities on the property of the Rand Hospital which is prone to flooding is also a cause for concern.

“Patients and staff currently housed in those facilities will have to be relocated well before a storm makes landfall and the question arises as to whether the Rand Memorial Hospital is ready and able to accommodate the increase in patients.

“If not, it is imperative that an alternate facility on high ground is identified and outfitted to absorb these patients and staff before the hurricane season gears up,” he said.

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