Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Twelve Missing: Suspected of COVID-19

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Medical officials lost contact at the end of the 14-day quarantine period

Health officials said they are in search of twelve suspected COVID-19 patients.

Speaking at the COVID-19 press conference on Thursday, Task Force Coordinator and the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser Merceline Dahl-Regis said health officials have lost contact with 12 of the patients, who completed their 14-day quarantine.

She said, “They have passed their 14 day quarantine period. We are unable to find them, to find out what their status are and to test them.”

However, she said as efforts are being made to contact them, she is hopeful that they will be found.

“We just hope that they are still around and they have not used fictitious names,” she said.

Chief Medical Officer Pearl McMillan explained how health officials lost contact with the twelve individuals.

“We get addresses. We get contact numbers for all of our contacts…At times, those addresses may not be exact. Those phone contacts may not be listed.”

She said health officials are partnering with technology companies to acquire a software to assist with contact tracing which she said is a stronger measure to track quarantined individuals.

Dr. McMillan added that the software will be linked to law enforcement.

She said nearly 300 individuals are in quarantine, to date.

“We had over 1000 [people] or so, whom we would have had in quarantine. Twelve of that number is not bad,” Dr. McMillan concluded.

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