Saturday, September 30, 2023

Ardastra Gardens Closes Its Doors

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The wildlife center suffers financial losses due to emergency order

Ardastra Gardens is closing its doors and it is unsure when it will reopen.

The conservation center says it has experienced “catastrophic revenue loss” due to the emergency order, affecting its operation.

Director Katherine Solomon said in “these financially and emotionally trying times, Ardastra is doing everything within its power to weather this crisis and be in a position to reopen at some point, once the health crisis has blown over,” she said.

The wildlife conservation center said it is working to keep its animals safe and healthy as the country navigates through the global crisis.

Ardastra Gardens said although the order has disrupted its operations, a small complement of its animal-care specialists will continue to work onsite to feed and care for the animals.

Director Solomons assured that the staff that will continue to follow world health authorities’ guidelines relating to hygiene and social distancing while carrying out their duties.

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