Thursday, March 23, 2023


Gibson Denies ‘Fake News’ Resignation Claims

MP of Long Island Adrian Gibson shot down claims he resigned after a fake social media post claimed he did.

Gibson took to social media to expose the fake news, which bore his likeness.

Gibson labelled the fake news, a “PLP propaganda.”

“The MP/Executive Chairman has not resigned.

“He is in the Long Island, on the ground…campaigning.

“All of that is false, including the make-believe page made to look like the personal Facebook page of Hon Adrian Gibson, MP.

“The smear campaign is in full effect! Do not believe these lies,” Gibson said.

Why it matters

The ‘fake’ Facebook page in the likeness of Adrian Gibson

The ‘fake’ social media post claimed Gibson resigned following allegations that he awarded contracts to himself and an ex-fiance, which made news in recent days.

Some have called the allegations politically motivated, only weeks before voters go the poll.

On Friday morning, a small group of people descended in front of the Water and Sewage Corporation on Thompson Blvd, calling for Gibson’s resignation.