What is known–and still unknown about the mysterious death of a toddler

The death of the “sweet boy” found dead in banana bushes in Fox Hill, still remains a mystery.

Many tales circulated as police and the neighbours tried to make sense of two-year-old Daniel Nixon’s death. Some speculated the boy was attacked by a stray dog roaming the area while others guessed he was a victim of a hit-and-run. Police are examining all suspicions as an Animal Control agent was seen taking blood samples of dogs in the area.

Distraught grandmother Barbara Nixon believed someone killed the boy. “I don’t know who would do this to a baby. I couldn’t sleep. I ain’t sleeping. and I ain’t eating.

“I never dreamed in my wildest dreams that something like this would happen to him,” she laments to the Tribune.

The boy’s mother who suffers from a mental health issue was reportedly doing house chores when the family believes he wandered through an opened door and sometime after 4 pm, they realised he was missing.

A man found the boy around 5:30 pm in the banana patches with a wound to the head and neck, partially clothed while his bottom bared naked. Authorities said the body was swollen, indicating rigour mortis was setting in. Flies were seen hovering over the body as he lay in the bushes.

The boy’s father Douglas Nixon who assisted in caring for him is also trying to handle the unsuspecting grief.

“This morning my son broke down. I tried to be strong for him, but I couldn’t,” Barbara recounted.

Neighbours alleged the boy was often seen roaming the street late at night, without supervision.

The Royal Bahamas Police Force has not yet determined whether or not foul play is suspected.

The grieving mother appeared on the scene sometime later, asking, “Who killed my baby?” Police eventually carried her away and she is assisting with the investigations.

What is unknown

No arrest has been made.

Many questions remain to be answered –how long was the toddler in the bushes, was he killed by the hands of someone, and will the parents be held liable for neglect?