Thursday, March 23, 2023


Royal Couple Caught in Torrential Rain on Bahamas Tour as Protesters Demand Slavery Reparations

A heavy downpour was not the only occurrence to dampen Prince William and Kate’s Bahamas tour as they honor Queen Elizabeth’s 70 years on the British throne.

Rastafarians assembled near the Sybil Strachan School where the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were to appear, protesting their visit and demanding reparations for the enslavement of African people.

Priest Marcus of the House of Rastafari in the Bahamas said, “The Bahamas is still under colonial rule and the Westminster system but we, as Rastas, don’t serve the system or the Queen. We can never forget slavery or the atrocities done to my people from the royal family,”

“We’re looking forward to an official apology and reparations—many Bahamians feel the same way. 400 years of slavery can’t be forgotten easily just like that; the damage has to be repaired.”

They were joined by a group representing abused women who sought to bring attention to their plight.

Both groups huddled together holding placards while singing songs.

As William and Kate appeared, the couple was met with torrents of rain using umbrellas to shield themselves from the downpour.


They were later escorted to Parliament Square to greet COVID-19 frontline workers. Though the rain held up for a brief period, it came down heavily as they greeted fans Down Town where a Junkanoo celebration was held.

British Royal Couple Boards Flight for Jamaica Where Protesters are Demanding Reparations and Apology

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge board the RAF Voyager Plane for Jamaica this afternoon, where demonstrators are demanding reparations for the slavery sins of the royal family.

Prince William and wife Kate left Belize, bound for Jamaica the second stop of their Caribbean Tour.

A group of protesters in Jamaica, ahead of the royal couple’s arrival on Tuesday.

Protesters held signs like, “Seh yuh sorry,” and “60 reasons to go back home” in front of the British High Commission in Kingston where organisers say the monarchy should apologize for “the exploitation of Jamaica, the transatlantic trafficking of Africans, the enslavement of Africans, indentureship and colonialization.”

The tour which began on Saturday, has spurred reaction from Caribbean people who believe the enslavement and colonialism of its people deserves acknowledgement by the Queen and her family who benefitted from its ‘blood, sweat and tears.’

Famous Jamaican musician Beenie Man told Good Morning Britain that his countrymen want nothing to do with the Queen because the British monarch has done nothing for the country.

“Jamaicans nuh want the queen, me can tell you that. Them nuh like be controlled by nobody. If Harry did deh yah, people would a react different, people would a go meet Harry. But William, nobody nuh want see that.”

He added: “We are just here, controlled by the British, ruled by the British law when you go in the court. It’s all about the Queen and the Queen this and the Queen that, but what are they doing for Jamaica? They are not doing anything for us.”

This comes after a small but similar protest in Belize happened where villagers asked William to leave the land which in dispute with an organization in which he is a patron.

The couple’s next stop is the Bahamas on Thursday.

In Pictures: Prince William and Kate Arrive in Belize to Begin Caribbean Tour

Prince William and wife Kate arrive in Belize to begin Caribbean tour

After growing tension in Belize and a slight change in plans, Prince William and Kate arrived in Belize, greeted by the national guard. This begins the 8-day tour of three Caribbean countries–Belize, Jamaica and the Bahamas.

Changes were made to their schedule when villagers protested the royal couple’s visitation to a coca farm which is in a tug of war with Fauna and Flora International, of which William is a patron.

Villagers were also angry that Prince William’s plane was planned to land on a field within their community.

Belize media reports that despite the controversy, the couple was greeted warmly when they arrived in the country on Saturday afternoon.

Prince William and wife Kate arrive in Belize to begin Caribbean tour

Prince William is saluted
Kate with Belize Governor General Froyla Tzalam (Reuters)
Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William, Duke of Cambridge meet the Prime Minister of Belize Johnny Briceno at the Laing Building, Belize City
William and Kate meet with Belize’s Prime Minister Johnny Briceno (Reuters)