Friday, March 24, 2023


US Admits Error on Chinese Influence in The Bahamas: ‘China Has Not Built the Biggest Embassy in The Bahamas’

In what appeared to be an initial attempt to play up China’s influence in The Bahamas, the United States is now laying it on the line–China did not build its biggest embassy in the Bahamas, as previously stated by US generals at a congressional hearing.

US Generals Laura Richardson and Glen VanHerck made the remark on Wednesday in front of the House Armed Services Committee as they warned of China’s influence in the Bahamas and other Caribbean nations, “neighbours” of the United States.

VanHerck said China is “very aggressive” in the Bahamas,where they have built the biggest embassy in the world, with an ambassador who “uses the information space to undermine us each and every day.”

The Chinese embassy had since hit back on Friday. “It can not be further from the truth to suggest that China has built its largest embassy in world in The Bahamas. We’re not even the largest Chinese embassy in the Caribbean.

“Anyone who is familiar with Nassau knows which embassy is the biggest one on the island.”

And in a social media post, Chinese Ambassador to The Bahamas Dai Qingli said, “What a compliment!” as she showed a CNN news report of the claim.

The US embassy in The Bahamas responded, “The embassy would like to set the record straight: contrary to recent US congressional testimony, the PRC has not built the biggest embassy around the globe in The Bahamas.”

China and US, both world powers at a tense era in its relationship, have been competing for influence in the region but China has long stressed that its influence is based on mutual benefits and needs.