Thursday, October 28, 2021


Minnis Sworn in as Opposition Leader

Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis was officially sworn in on Friday as Leader of the Opposition.

When Parliament meets, Minnis will be joined by other opposition members including St. Anne’s MP Adrian White, Long Island MP Adrian Gibson, East Grand Bahama MP Kwasi Thompson and Marco City MP Michael Pintard, Central Grand Bahama MP Iram Lewis, and St Barnabas MP Shanendon Cartwright.

Following swearing-in ceremony, Minnis said he hopes the government continue with plans to recruit young Bahamians for further education abroad for leadership positions in government entities. Minnis said he will hold the government accountable.

The big picture

Following last week’s General Election, the Minnis led adminstration lost, only winning 7 out of the 39 seats, after battling the fallouts of Hurricane Dorian and the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Progressive Liberal Party led by former opposition leader, Philip Davis won the 32 seats.

Why it matters

Since the defeat of the Free National Movement, council members met to determine the future leadership of the party. After a vote, the party decided to keep Minnis as leader until November when a convention is held. A new leader will be picked to lead the party forward. Minnis said he will not contest the leadership post.


Minnis Stays Until…November

Former Prime Minister Hubert Minnis will lead the official opposition when Parliament meets again, following a vote to consider a new leader for the Free National Movement after a crushing defeat at the electoral poll.

Party Chairman Carl Culmer said Minnis will stay on as leader until November when the party holds a convention. Minnis will not contest the leadership post at the convention.

The big picture

Nearly 300 members of the council met on Wednesday evening to decide whether or not Minnis will stay on as leader when the House of Assembly meets.

This meeting follows a 17-12 vote by the executive board for Minnis to remain leader of the party until November.

Minnis won his Killarney seat, but his party lost, only retaining 7 seats.

Minnis’ fate has become the topic of discussion since the party’s loss. In 2012, Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham resigned his position as FNM leader and as parliamentarian after his party lost the election.

Who are the possible contenders?

Former Cabinet Minister and MP for Marco City Michael Pintard, Former Minister of State for Finance Kwasi Thompson and MP for St Barnabas Shandendon Cartwright all of whom have won their seats, are the favourites to succeed Minnis.

Public Reacts to DJ Khaled Shoutout to Davis Ahead of General Election

DJ Khaled’s shoutout to Opposition Leader Philip Davis ahead of the General Election is met with mixed reactions from the Bahamian public.

DJ Khaled Instagram post of Opposition Leader Philip Davis

On Tuesday, the famous American artist and producer posted a picture of Davis on Instagram, stating, “Bless up to PLP and Brave Davis.”

The post received nearly 18,000 views by Tuesday afternoon.

Some posters were surprised at the shoutout.

One poster, _cloud3 said, “Brave money long,” while another, Khadijahrahming said, “…Brave can’t be this desperate.”

Lov3_doll asked, “Which island he promised you?”

Briismk questioned, “What is going on here?”

“Do you even know the information and the credibility behind this man?” Shellz_mac questioned.

Others were in support of the post.

Okayjaydee said, “I know das right.”

“You’re the best,” said Bouche_doux.

Mmg_martin said, “Even the dog says to vote PLP.”

Some posters expressed their support for the incumbent Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.

Rashead_serenity like many others said, “We [are] still rocking with Doc Minnis.”

Khaled is considered a “hype man” who unites the older generation of hip-hop with teens and young adults.

Here’s What Happened in the House of Assembly

House of Assembly Speaker Halson Moultrie said he tested negative for COVID-19 following sterilization of the House of Assembly after a staff member contracted the virus.

As only a small number of parliamentarians showed up at the House at Wednesday’s meeting, Moultrie said, “I am most grateful to the honorable members who decided to attend this morning to carry on the people’s business wich on occasion is time-sensitive.

“We are in compliance with the COVID-19 protocol as indicated. I requested of the staff as well as myself as recommended to members to take the COVID19 test.

“I have taken the test yesterday. The result is negative. The Clerk has taken the test. The result is negative. Several other members and staff will be taking the test today,” he said.

Why were some members not present?

On Tuesday, Moultrie announced that a parliamentary staff member tested positive for COVID-19.

The Ministry of Health initiated contact tracing to determine the level of exposure to employees.

The House of Assembly and Senate were deep cleaned and sanitized and persons who interacted with the employee were required to quarantine.

Who was absent?

Members of the governing party were noticeably absent with only a small number in attendance. However, no member of the opposition attended the House’s seating, as Independent MP Reece Chipman sat alone on the opposition side of the House.

This prompted a response from Prime Minister Hubert Minnis.

“It’s unfortunate that the leader of the opposition is not here. We all know that the leader of the opposition had COVID and the leader of the opposition has antibodies. With all intent and purposes, the leader of the opposition is immune.

“He is the safest in this country at this time. He is immune and that immunity may last for 3 to 6 months. We don’t know the duration but we do know that he is the safest in this country at this time. So it’s unfortunate that he is not here,” Minnis said.

However, all members will be deemed present for Wednesday’s session.

What documents were tabled?

  • The Emergency Power Covid-19 Number 6 Amendment Order 2020
  • The Environmental Planning and Protection Extension of Application Order 2020

At the next sitting of the House on Wednesday 23rd, the House will debate the extension of the emergency order to October 31st.

Featured Photo: The Tribune