Saturday, June 3, 2023


Sex Offender Is Dead After 5 Day Prison Release. Was It Vigilante Justice?

The sex offender publicly released last week, died today in hospital following his discovery through a small road.

According to the Nassau Guardian, Alden Scott was found unresponsive on a dirt road while bleeding through the nose.

It is not known if he was attacked or the origin of his injuries.

His brother, Ronald Scott spoke to the daily saying, “The policeman took him to the hospital…Here we are [a] couple [of] days later, he’s dead.”

The big picture

Alden was released on Friday after being added to the sex offender registry. He served nine years in prison for sexual assault and was sentenced to two years in prison for caressing a girl’s thigh back in January.

Why it matters

Alden was the first person to be added to the sex offenders’ registry in a public notice. Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe warned that the public should refrain from issuing vigilante justice and cautioned that public notification will be discontinued if anyone physically assaults Alden on his release.

How the public reacts

Some social media users expressed no empathy for Alden.

Devon Rox says, “Knowing what sexual assault does to a person mentally and physically until the day they die, I have no compassion for the rapist.”

Stacey Smith says, “God doesn’t sleep.”

Negrita Valdez says she anticipated that the sex offender would be killed after release. “I knew it wasn’t going to be too long for him to enjoy his freedom…”

Monique Knowles calls for law reforms. “I don’t know why laws are not stricter. He should not have been allowed out in public after the second offense.”

Munroe: Officer at Fault in Sexual Assault Shared Cell Case

A police officer is expected to be disciplined for placing a woman in a cell with a man who sexually assaulted her in custody.

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe said the officer took responsibility for his actions and will be reprimanded.

Munroe could not say what disciplinary action the officer will face, only to say that he will await the “punishment.”

“The officer, from the information received from the commissioner of police, has acknowledged that he was at fault,” he said.

“I’ll have to wait and see what punishment is meted out, but I would expect that some punishment has to be meted out for that.”

Munroe said he does not know if the officer is still on duty.

“I cannot say that,” he said.

“If you wish, I could find out, but I expect that he would be disciplined.”

The big story

In October, 32-year-old Ryan Raymond Bodie, admitted to assaulting the 25-year-old woman while at the East Street South Police Station.

Bodie, described as a vagrant, was arrested for threatening his father, and shared cells with the woman who was detained on a traffic warrant.

No explanation was given on why they were placed in the same cell.

Bodie was remanded to the Bahamas Department of Correctional Services for a psychiatric assessment to determine his fitness to plead.

He is scheduled to make his next court appearance on December 14.

Autopsy: Bella Died From Blunt Force Trauma; Munroe Says No Evidence of Sexual Abuse

Police confirmed that 4-year-old Bella Walker died as a result of blunt force trauma to the body.

The trauma caused multiple fractures to her body, police said.

Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle lamented the brutal injuries that caused internal injuries to the little girl. ” I don’t know what they were thinking.”

The big picture

Bella died on Friday afternoon and police ruled her death “suspicious.” The main suspect is the boyfriend of her mother who remains in police custody. He was seen assisting the unresponsive body of the girl into an ambulance.

Neighbours recalled the child being left home alone and wandering the streets of Major Subdivision.

Bella lived with her grandparents in Grand Bahama from the age of two weeks until she was four years old. Two months ago, she was sent to live with her mother.

Government officials have spoken out against the violent act.

Today, Marco City MP Michael Pintard encouraged the government to send a clear message to perpetrators in child abuse cases, showing that “we have had enough as a country and are prepared to do something fundamentally different.”

National Security Minister rejects sexual abuse claims

Speculations arose that the child was sexually assaulted, CSJ Report was informed that her vagina showed signs of swelling and injury, in addition to previous fractures that healed on their own.

But National Security Minister Wayne Munroe said there was no evidence to suggest she was sexually abused.

Outside of parliament on Wednesday morning, he said, “We don’t need to insinuate more into something than is there. If a child dies, if it’s by violence, that is unacceptable. And I don’t understand that people don’t see that sufficient.”

Imprisoning the Country’s Mentally Ill. Why a Mother Wants Answers After Her Son Was Found Dead in a Prison Cell

Mikhail Miller was diagnosed with schizophrenia and psychosis due to the intake of contaminated drugs.

His mother Rose Miller struggled with him and tried to admit him to the country’s medical institute for the mentally ill, Sandilands Rehabilitation Center. So she sought the assistance of police officers.

Rose was told that she needed a reason for 29-year-old Mikhail to be picked up by officers and sent to Sandilands.

Rose then got a warrant for his arrest producing evidence that he stole shoes from his brother which he was told by a judge to refund to his brother.

Since he did not make payments, Rose asked that Mikhail be placed before the courts again.

“But they said that they didn’t see the warrant into the system and so I said I need help to get him off the street and so they said ‘well, did he steal (anything from you)’ and I said yes he take my tablet (and) my phone and they said that will be a reason to get him off the street.”

Rose asked that he be sent to Sandilands Rehabilitation Center but he was remanded at the Bahamas Department of Corrections.

What happened?

Mikhail was found dead in his cell on Monday morning. Pathologist Dr. Karen Sands is still doing an investigation to determine the cause of death but reports suggested he was found with injuries, which could have been caused by natural or unnatural causes.

Rose believes Mikhail was ganged in a cell and placed in a quarantined cell where he died. But official reports have not determined this.

Was an officer on guard?

It is not known if a prisoner officer saw what transpired, if anything did, but the prison remains overcrowded, which National Minister Wayne Munroe says makes it harder for officers to monitor each individual.

The prison also houses patients from the Sandilands Rehabilitation Center, which has a moratorium on new admittances due to COVID-19.

A prison officer who wanted to remain anonymous told CSJ Report that the cell holding the mentally ill at the facility is overwhelming for officers since many of the patients are without medication and as a result are acting erratically.

SRC seemed to have forgotten these patients as some are defecating on the floors of the prison.

Davis’ Pick for National Security is Worrisome

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe is among the newly appointed members in Prime Minister Philip Davis’ cabinet and that’s troubling.

His appointment has raised eyebrows since Munroe is a criminal defense lawyer who has gained a reputation for protecting society’s worst.

His career has complicated matters for the Royal Bahamas Police Force.

Munroe and his partner, Jomo Campbell, the new Minister of State for Legal Affairs have defended notorious gang leaders and murderers who terrorize the Bahamian society.

Criminals often obtain the services of Munroe and Campbell while being investigated by police for killings. The outcome is usually an acquittal and they are released to commit other killings. And the pattern continues.

Munroe’s name has become synonymous with the representation of hardened criminals.

He has publicly criticized the police force and its duty to carry out law and order.

However, Davis lauded Munroe at the swearing-in ceremony, saying he will “bring balance and fairness to the way the state interacts with the people.”

Munroe said he will waste no time to push for inquests into police shootings.

“A speedy system benefits not only the families who say something went wrong but officers whose careers may be languished and held up while these matters drag on and that will be a matter I will be discussing,” he told reporters after the ceremony.

Reports are that Munroe’s relationship with the Commissioner of Police Paul Rolle is quite frosty due to his prior stands and criticisms levied at the organization.

In a social media post, some members of the public have expressed concerns regarding the appointment of Munroe as National Security Minister.

Cherneka Brown said, “He helps criminals out of jail and now the minister of national security…?

Brent Gibson said, “Gangsterism, who makes a criminal lawyer, a national security minister?”

Liz Jones said, “He will bring strife and turmoil to the police force and other security forces.”

It will be interesting to see how Munroe carries out his duty as the minister with responsibility for national security, his answers for the plaguing crime problem, and whether or not he can balance his relationship and defense of criminals with the rules and laws that govern the country.

Why People May Be Released Early from Prison During the Pandemic

Minister of National Security Marvin Dames said nearly 60 prisoners could be released early from the Bahamas Department of Corrections as COVID-19 cases climb exponentially in New Providence.

“To date, the Committee has recommended for approval, by the Governor-General, the release of 57 persons and others are currently being reviewed and considered for the same,” he said.

The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, World Health Organisation, Joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS, and the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights have jointly encouraged institutions of detention around the globe to consider the release of inmates, as COVID-19 undermines hygiene, health and safety due to social distancing limitations.

Why it matters

The Bahamas Department of Corrections has an inmate population of 1,489, with many crammed in small spaces, sharing cells, showers and toilet spaces, making them susceptible to the virus.

The cramped spaces make it impossible to social distance, poor hygiene exists and like in many prisons, hand sanitizers are not permitted as they can be used to brew alcoholic drinks.

This is a big move. Who will be released?

The Prerogative Board of Mercy Committee has begun reviewing the files of inmates to determine who would be considered high-risk for contracting the virus.

The board is considering the following people for release:

  • the elderly
  • people with comorbidity
  • people who have completed more than half of their sentences with good behavior
  • people sentenced for minor, non-violent offenses that don’t compromise public safety

The virus may be rising within the prison. Reported COVID-19 prison statistics

There are two confirmed positive cases of the virus which represent 0.1 percent of the total inmate population.

  • The first case was recorded in August, five months after the first case was recorded in the Bahamas. The inmate contracted the virus while receiving medical care for an unrelated illness outside of the prison.
  • The second reported case is a  male inmate who tested positive on September 23rd.