Moultrie Dramatically Recites His Poem About Vengeance

House Speaker Halson Moultrie incorporated a poem of vengeance in his most recent speeches in the House of Assembly on Monday.

After the presentation by Ft Charlotte MP Mark Humes during the Budget Debate, in which Humes conceded that he will continue living although he was not renominated by the Free National Movement, Moultrie commended Humes saying, “You seem so happy in your presentation” adding that he admired “the joy” which Humes showed.

Surprised that Humes expressed no ill-will toward the party despite not being ratified, Moultrie then quoted a recent poem he had written, that expresses his retaliation.

Here’s the poem Moultrie wrote and quoted in the HOA

Every man’s origin is the womb
And every man’s destiny in the tomb
Life is the interval that exists between the womb and the tomb
So it is between the womb and the tomb, let no man presume that D Halson Moultrie was sent here to be consumed
For such an assumption is a rebuttable presumption
And any perception of a threat could lead to the acceleration of your own death
And while I don’t advocate the commissioning of a kind, I will get on my knees and say to the mind, and God help you if I have to pray over you, Psalm one, zero, nine.

The big picture

Moultrie is known for launching tirades in the House, often expressing his displeasure for the “disrespect” he believes the executive branch of government shows the parliament.

In February, Moultrie resigned from the Free National Movement, citing his personal convictions, and later stated that he will run as an independent candidate for the Nassau Village constituency in the upcoming general election.


Photo credit: The Nassau Guardian


Humes Still Puzzled By FNM’s Choice: Life Goes On

Fort Charlotte MP Mark Humes said he still does not know why he was not renominated by the Free National Movement to run in the 2022 General Election.

In what could be his last contribution in the House of Assembly on Monday, Humes said he continues to smile because “these things are just a part of life.”

“So what if I didn’t get a nomination for the next general election, that doesn’t mean life is over.”

The big picture

The Free National Movement ratified Drumeco Archer to run in the 2022 General Election, surprising Humes who said he was expecting to run again.

When Prime Minister Hubert Minnis alluded to Archer as the next MP for the area, in the House of Assembly last week Wednesday, Humes stood to his feet demanding that Minnis respect his position as the sitting MP.

What Humes says

Humes said he is grateful that Minnis called to inform him that he will not be ratified.

“The Prime Minister did call me following the exchange. It was the right gesture.

“But if he didn’t call or reach out to me, it would not mean my life is over,” he said.

Humes said contrary to speculations, he has not accepted any offers from his party nor any other political group.

Photo Courtesy: The Nassau Guardian 

Humes Demands Minnis Puts Respect on His Name

Ft Charlotte MP Mark Humes broke his silence in the House of Assembly on Wednesday, requesting that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis respect his position as the sitting MP, after Minnis in a speech, alluded to the party’s newly ratified candidate Dremeco Archer as the next MP for the area.

Humes said, “I think it’s quite disrespectful that, as I am the current member of parliament, sit here in the HOA, the duly elected, and unceremoniously deselected member of parliament. It’s quite disrespectful that my party would speak to or refer to him (Archer) as the next member of parliament.”

His response came after Minnis said, “I call Dremeco Archer, the next Member of Parliament for Fort Charlotte,” before being interrupted by Humes.

“There’s no guarantee. The people still have a say in that matter. I would ask for more respect for the current sitting member of parliament until such time as I graciously decide to move aside, if that is what I’m going to do.

“But until such time, I would just ask my dear Prime Minister to give me a little more respect,” Humes said.

Archer was ratified by the Free National Movement in April to run in the 2022 General Election.

Archer is a lawyer by trade and presently serves as president of the Bahamas Association of Athletic Associations (BAAA).

Back in March, speculation stirred that Humes may not have been renominated for the area. He told Eye Witness News at the time that he would respect his party’s process, stating that he will “let the party do what it has to do,” then he will “see what happens after that.”

But today in the House, he said, “Typically, I’m very quiet here in the House. I listen quite intently to what is taking place. And most of the last few months, I sort of graciously kept silent on most matters, actually for the last four years, [on] most matters that have taken place in Fort Charlotte.”

Minnis said he intended no disrespect or ill intent toward Humes.