Government Drops the State of Emergency for the 1st Time in 18 Months. What It Means for You

The state of emergency was fully dropped as of 12 am Saturday following 18 months of curfews.

The curfews were implemented by the former Minnis-led administration in March 2020 to restrict movement and business operations as the COVID19 cases spiraled and the healthcare system became overwhelmed with patients.

Businesses were also forced to reduce business hours to accommodate the curfews and occasional lockdowns.

Countries around the world used similar methods to assist in combating the infectious disease.

What does it mean?

This now means that Bahamians are free to travel in and around the country at any time without impediment.

However, they must continue to follow the protocols like being socially distant, wearing mask and sanitizing.

Parties and social events are limited to 20 people who are fully vaccinated for indoor events and vaccinated or negative COVID19 test for outdoor events.

Restaurants maximum seating is 50 percent for fully vaccinated or negative COVID19 testing for patrons.

Weddings and funerals are limited to 33 percent.

There has been a steady fall in cases and on Friday the Center for Disease Control lowered the country’s COVID level to 3.

Anyone convicted of breaking the rules can be fined not exceeding $1000 or a term in prison not more than 1 year or both.

What the new health minister says

Minister of Health and Wellness Michael Darville said the country was under a state of emergency for too long and it needed to be lifted. Darville said he was not convinced the curfew played a significant role in reducing COVID-19 spread.

He expects that Bahamians will be disciplined as the country fully reopens.

Photo credit: Tribune