Social Media Reunites Woman With Lost Dog

Hope Shelly-Ann said it was an agonizing two weeks searching for her beloved pet, Pharoah. So when she was finally reunited with him on Tuesday, it was an emotional meet-up.

“Getting the call yesterday, [I was] feeling a bit apprehensive. But knowing that I had to direct whomever this person was that had found Pharoah, to my home, brought forth many, many emotions.”

Since Pharoah disappeared from home on June 26, Shelly-Ann took to social media every day, reminding users to be on the lookout for her cherished pet.

“We will post about your missing every day until we find you. We are still looking. We have not given up on you,” her social media post read every day until Tuesday when he was found.

Pharoah vanished from his home in Western New Providence, Castor St, off Marlin’s Drive.

Social media users bonded to find the dog, though some were false alarms. But another social media user spotted Pharoah from pictures Shelly-Ann posted and alerted her to a dog seen with recognizable brown spots that resembled the Dutch Shepherd.

When the individual, who remains unknown, brought Pharoah home, the two-year-old dog appeared thin and dehydrated.

“I opened the car door at first Pharoah was apprehensive. Then when his brother from the same litter, Pilot came running, he perked up and he realized he was home.”

Pharoah is on a regimen of vitamins to regain strength and veterinarians have given him a clean bill of health. Shelly-Ann can rest easy and says her family now feels complete.