Bahamian Woman Afflicted With COVID-19 Touts Hydroxychloroquine’s Success

A Bahamian woman stricken with COVID-19, praises the controversial drug, hydroxychloroquine.

Priscilla Ferguson says after confirmation of the infection, she sought the drug from her physician after viewing a video by Dr. Stella Immanuel, a Cameroonian based doctor in the United States, who said it cured over 350 COVID of her patients.

A recovering Ferguson says, “It works. That African doctor ain’t crazy. It works. This is called a testimony.”

Ferguson says her physician gave her the okay to use the drug, saying “there is nothing wrong with the drug, it was around for a long time, she and her daughters took the drug at one time and there is no harm in it.”

Use of the drug has been opposed by medical scientists who say it is lethal and ineffective for saving lives.

When President Donald Trump, a proponent of the drug, and his son, Donald Trump Jr, tweeted the video of Dr. Immanuel promoting the drug, it was taken down by Twitter because it contained “false and dangerous information.”

But Ferguson is singing her praises after experiencing a burning sensation in her lungs as a result of the infection.

“I felt a vast difference in my lung. That thing really works. That same hydroxychloroquine.It works. I finished my last dose last night and I’m still feeling good. I don’t feel any burning sensation or anything in my lungs now.”

Ferguson says she believes she contacted the virus from her workplace, so she made contact with her employers to ensure testing and quarantine for any employee who may be unknowingly infected.