‘Funny, Kindhearted, Intense and Driven,’: Family Pays Tribute to Missing Teen Cameron Robbins

While Cameron Robbins remains missing in Bahamian waters, his family wrote an obituary to eulogize the 18-year-old. He is described as “funny and kindhearted, but also intense and driven.”

“Though he left this world far too soon, he lived a life full of good friends and family,” the tribute reads.

Robbins, an American high-school graduate, was last seen swimming in dark waters near Anthol Island in the Bahamas, but soon disappeared, making international headlines and spurring an intense search and rescue effort by Bahamian authorities and US Coast Guards.

The Robbins family retraced his steps in the area he was last seen on last week Wednesday and now accepts that he met his demise, returning to Louisiana last Sunday.

Now the family is preparing a memorial for the young baseball athlete, set for July 4 at 4 pm at Broadmoor United Methodist Church in Baton Rouge.

Robbins who was adopted at birth, loved fishing, and had just returned from a weekend fishing trip on the Louisana Gulf Coast with his father and brother before he left with friends on the graduation trip to the Bahamas, his family said.

“He was a tough player, battling back from multiple injuries, known to pitch through separated shoulders and broken hands. He hoped to continue his baseball career at the college level.”

Robbins was also vice president of the youth group at St Andrew’s United Methodist where he served.

Since his disappearance, many speculated that Robbins was killed by sharks, a theory based on an image seen in a video when he swims away from the boat that he reportedly jumped from.  The area he was last seen is also territory for the predators, and previous shark attacks occurred there.

“Had they found a piece of clothing or any kind of clue, that would cause them to extend that 48-hour period, but if they don’t get any kind of indication then that’s usually when they call it off,” said United Cajun Navy Vice President Brian Trascher after the search was called off on Friday.

“It took a lot of strength for them to go out there and stay for a few days. When we offered to take them out in a boat to the area where he went overboard and some of the areas they were searching… They went, which I know had to be very emotional for them, but they went and by Sunday they decided they wanted to go home.”

In lieu of flowers, the family is requesting donations to Christian Homes and Family Services, an adoption agency.

Sharks Likely Killed Missing Teen Camrone Robbins, Some Suggest

Since search and rescue efforts failed to locate Cameron Robbins, the American high school graduate who reportedly jumped into Bahamian waters last week while on vacation, theories have swirled this week that the teen was possibly killed by a shark.

Sharks are common sightings in Bahamian waters though attacks are infrequent. And the waters near Anthol Island are reported to be ‘infested’ with the marine predators.

The Black Beard’s Revenge party boat in which Robbins was a passenger, was in the area of Anthol Island, near Paradise Island, when the 18-year-old reportedly lept overboard on a dare, in just trunks and without a floating device.

In a newly released video, passengers panicked as he swam in the dark ocean, and some are urging him to hold onto a floating device in the water, but he swims in another direction. This puzzled many viewers and some point to an object or shape in the water that resembles a shark. This, many say, could be a reasonable cause for Robbins’ decision to swim away from the boat when he was being encouraged to swim closer.

Cameron Robbins in the video.

Commodore of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Raymond King, whose organization led the search and rescue mission alongside US Coast Guards before efforts were suspended, said, “I can tell you that area where an individual (Cameron Robbins) reportedly jumped over, it’s an area that is really shark-infested as well. It is so unfortunate but I don’t want the family to lose hope.”

Some believe the image in the upper left corner, is a shark.

tHEKing presumes Robbins is dead, further stating that “the probability of survival decreases significantly particularly if a person did not have on a life vest and particularly if a person is perceived to be intoxicated.”

In 2017, American citizen Tiffany Johnson was snorkelling in waters near Anthol Island and lost her arm when a tiger shark attacked. And, in 2022, Caroline DiPlacido was on vacation and snorkelling near Green Cay which is 2 miles west of Anthol Island, when she was killed by a bull shark.

It has been a week since Robbins went missing without a trace and his family who helped search, has since returned to Baton Rouge, Louisianna.


Bahamas Police Still Looking for Cameron Robbins, Though He Is Presumed Dead

Though the authorities in the Bahamas called off the search for 18-year-old Cameron Robbins– the American high school graduate who reportedly jumped off a boat while vacationing in the Bahamas last week, they released a missing person poster on Tuesday afternoon, asking for assistance in finding him.

Robbins, described as a Caucasian, 5’6″-5’7″ tall, and of slim build, has been missing since Wednesday, a four hours after his arrival in the Bahamas where he planned to celebrate his recent graduation from Laboratory University in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Robbins is presumed dead since he wandered away from the boat after jumping into the dark ocean and has not been seen since. Boaters are heard in a video urging him to hang onto a buoy, but he drifts away as the boat sails on.

US Coast Guards assisted authorities in the Bahamas, providing helicopters while the Royal Bahamas Defence Force searched 325 square miles of waters in boats, but to no avail.

“U.S. Coast Guard District Seven deployed multiple search and rescue assets in response to an agency assistance request from our partners in the Royal Bahamas Defence Force. Our Coast Guard command center and aircrews based in Miami supported RBDF search and rescue efforts since the initial report Wednesday evening and continued through Friday evening.

“We were informed by the RBDF this evening that they were suspending the active search efforts pending further developments, and were not requesting further Coast Guard assistance after notifying the Robbins family. We offer our sincerest condolences to Cameron Robbins’ family and friends,” the US Guards said in a statement.

Robbins’ parents returned to Baton Rouge after the suspension, thanking everyone who assisted in finding their missing son. “The Bahamas government has called off the rescue for Cameron and we are returning to Baton Rouge. We want to thank the Bahamas government, the US Coast Guard, the United Cajun Navy, and Congressman Garrett Graves for everything they have done for us. In this time of grief, we thank our family, friends, and well-wishers for granting us the privacy we need to properly remember our son and mourn his loss.”

Video Shows Hysteria on Boat After Missing US Teen Jumps Overboard

After the search for missing US teen Cameron Robbins was called off, a video emerged showing hysteria aboard the boat as the 18-year-old high school graduate swims bare-backed and in trunks only, drifting in another direction, away from a buoy that sat next to the boat in the dark ocean in the Bahamas.

In shock, one person aboard the boat shouts, “This kid f****** jumped off!”

Another yelled, “Oh my f****** god. Oh, shut the f*** up. Oh, bye…bye… Oh … s***!”

Others hoping to help him, yelled, “Grab the buoy.. grab the buoy,” which sat next to the boat. But he swims away.

Cameron Robbins, 18, is seeing in the dark waters trying to stay afloat after he jumped off the boat after he acted on a dare- many of the seniors on the excursion boat were shocked. One of the kids yelled out, 'This kid f****** jumped off!'

The teens are shown aboard Black Beard Revenge boat minutes before Cameron Robbins jumped overboard.

Robbins partied with other high school graduates onboard a party boat, Black Beard’s Revenge on Wednesday night during a celebration trip to the Bahamas. Reports are that he jumped overboard near Paradise Island, on a daring challenge.  The Royal Bahamas Police Force, Royal Bahamas Defence Force and US Coast Guard using helicopters and boats failed to find him and he remains missing at sea.

A helicopter is seen searching for Cameron Robbins in the Bahamas on Friday. Photo credit: Keith Gomez

On Friday, the Royal Bahamas Defense Force suspended the search and rescue efforts and no longer required further assistance from the US Coast Guard.

With profound sadness, the family released a statement: “The Bahamas government has called off the rescue for Cameron and we are returning to Baton Rouge. We want to thank the Bahamas government, the US Coast Guard, the United Cajun Navy, and Congressman Garrett Graves for everything they have done for us. In this time of grief, we thank our family, friends, and well-wishers for granting us the privacy we need to properly remember our son and mourn his loss.”

Robbins who was a baseball player and graduated three days before the trip, vacationed with 10-15 students from University Laboratory School and several students from high schools in the area of Louisiana. The trip was not sanctioned by his school.

“He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair. Just one of the kids you’re so proud of when they cross the stage,” said the school’s Director Kevin George after Robbins went missing.

Friends have set up a GoFundMe for the family and have since raised over $12,000 as financial support for the family.

His family has since returned to the US.

Watch the video: New video shows panic aboard a boat in the Bahamas moments after Louisiana star baseball player, 18, jumped off on a dare, as Coast Guard calls off search



What We Know So Far About the Missing US Teen on Bahamas Graduation Trip

A recent high school graduate who took a celebration trip to the Bahamas with friends is missing after he went overboard on Wednesday night.

Cameron Robins, 18, was on a vessel near Athol Island, an uninhabited island near Paradise Island,  when he “reportedly jumped overboard” around 9:40 pm.

What is the status of the investigation?

The Royal Bahamas Defense Force is leading the search to find Robbins who reportedly lept in the water on a dare, according to reports. A video in circulation reportedly shows the teen swimming in the dark waters alongside the boat, but he mysteriously disappeared underwater.

US Coast Guards in a Twitter post said it is assisting the RBDF and the Royal Bahamas Police Force in finding the US citizen.

The coast guards are providing air assistance in the desperate search and rescue mission.

As of Thursday night, he was still not found as friends led a vigil at the school he recently graduated from, University Laboratory School in Baton Rouge, Lousiana.

Friends said a US senator is arranging for more helicopters to join the search.

Who is Cameron Robbins?

Robbins is described as a baseball athlete and a “special kid”  who started his education at the school when he was 5 years old.

“Just one of those kids that you’re so proud of once they cross the stage,” said the Director of the Laboratory School Kevin George, who watched Robbins walk across the stage on Sunday.

“He’s an athlete, great kid, great smile, great head of hair.”

The school’s baseball coach Justin Morgan said Robbins was loved by everyone.

“He was a fierce competitor on the baseball field. He is a hard worker both on and off of the field.”

In a statement to Insider, George said the school is praying for the best possible outcome.

“I have been in touch with Cameron’s family and at this time, authorities are still searching for him in the Bahamas,” George said. “Our thoughts are with the Robbins family, and we ask that you keep them in your thoughts as well.”

The trip was not sanctioned by the school. But 10-15 students from the Laboratory School and several from high schools in the Baton Rouge area accompanied Robbins on the trip. The group stayed at Atlantis Resort.

Robbin’s parents arrived in the Bahamas on Thursday afternoon.