Tuesday, October 3, 2023


In Pictures: Friends Hold Candlelight Vigil for Woman Who Overturned in Golf Cart

Mourners gathered near the site where Eunique ‘Nickey’ Munroe, the young woman who lost her life last week Monday, overturned in a golf cart as she drove up a course.

She was found submerged in water and reported to have drowned in the canal at Baha Mar  lastweek.

Eunique was 38 years old and an employee at Baha Mar’s Royal Blue Golf Club.

Friends remembered her as a “sweet and cheerful” individual who was “well loved.”

A memorial was set up to honor Eunique ‘Nickey’ Munroe.
Sister Juteria Munoe sobs as she pays tribute to her sister. She is consoled by their father.

Mourners lay flowers and candles near the site where she died.
Friends and family packed the lawn to view the site and remember Eunique ‘Nickey’ Munroe.
A friend and coworker recalls her last conversation with Eunique. The night before the tragic incident, the two celebrated and Eunique checked on her wellbeing upon their return to work that day. A few hours later, she was told that Eunique died.

Eunique’s nephew reads a poem in tribute to her.

Sister is Grief Stricken Over the Loss of Woman Who Overturned in a Canal at Golf Course

The sister of the woman who died when the golf cart she was driving, overturned in a canal at a golf course, is in disbelief and never imagined her life would end this way.

“Nick, my baby. I never dream in a million years that I would be here saying, ‘I can’t believe you’re gone so soon,” Juteria Munroe said in a social media post.

Thirty-eight-year-old Eunique ‘Nickey’ Munroe died on Monday when the golf cart became submerged in a canal at the golf course at Baha Mar Resort.

“We made plans girl. How in the world [did] this happened?

“I’m trying my best to be strong but you don’t understand that this pain and hurt will not go away,” she said.

Eunique was an employee of the mega-resort and was in a cart belonging to the course when she rode the pathway of the golf course before ending up in the canal.

She was discovered and was taken to the hospital but later died. Police confirmed that she drowned. Reports are that she was carrying items to a hotel guest. It is not known how long Eunique was submerged in the water before she was found.

Juteria, the eldest sister moved to Canada and had been away from her family since 2019. Though miles apart, she remained in contact with Eunique.

“Even though we were miles away, our daily conversation made us feel so close by,” she said.

“Who am I going to message late hours of the night? I am still waiting for someone to wake me up from this horrible nightmare.”

Juteria said she is praying for strength and comfort to get through this difficult time. “Lord I need all the strength you can give right now because this is not easy on me.

“I’m still in disbelief and I can’t stop crying. I will always love you. Your heartbroken best sister is still waiting on you to call.”



Woman Dies After Golf Cart Overturns in Canal at a Mega Resort

A woman is dead after the golf cart she was driving, overturned in a canal at the golf course at Baha Mar Resort on Monday.

Thirty-eight-year-old Eunique ‘Nickey’ Munroe was an employee of the mega-resort and was in a cart belonging to the course. She was riding on the pathway of the golf course before ending up in the canal around 4:20 pm.

Police indicated that she operated the golf course at the time of the incident. When she was discovered, she was taken to the hospital but succumbed to her injuries.

It is not known how long Munroe was submerged in the water before she was found.  But reports are that she was carrying items to a hotel guest before the freak accident occurred.

Police are continuing their investigations.


Minnis: The Bahamas is Roaring Back

Prime Minister Hubert Minnis said because the country handled the COVID-19 pandemic properly, tourism numbers are soaring at a time when travel demand is high.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of Baha Bay, Baha Mar’s beachfront water park, Minnis praised the success of the health protocols as recent tourism arrivals from the United States to the country increase.

“The Bahamas is coming back,” he said.

“Scores of jobs and economic opportunities for Bahamians, including new opportunities, are on the way.

“We are coming back stronger than ever. Indeed, today is yet another wonderful and powerful sign of the recovery and revival of The Bahamas.

“Our major tourism market is the United States of America. They have one of the highest vaccination rates in the world, and their economy is growing robustly.

“After over a year and a half of challenges, Americans are ready to travel.

“The Bahamas is a nearby, well-known destination that managed the pandemic well. The sacrifices we made to abide by the public health rules are paying off.”

Minnis said the country is open for business and is preparing to welcome guests at its hotels and vacation rental properties.

“In recent months our visitors have returned in large numbers.

“Airports are busy.

“Resorts are reporting increased occupancy levels.

“Cruise ships have returned – and there are more to come.

“Some ships are even home-porting, bringing added economic benefits to our country for resorts, taxi and tour drivers and other tourism service providers.

“The vacation rental market is experiencing tremendous growth.

Minnis noted the changes to the tourism market before COVID-19 which was based on the winter months and holiday periods. But pent-up travel demands have transformed the country’s tourism market.

“…more and more renters are now seeing bookings throughout the year. This is a very promising sign for Bahamians in the rental market,” he said.

Rosewood Baha Mar Set to Welcome Back Staff and Guests on March 4

Hundreds of Bahamians are set to return to work at the Rosewood Baha Mar as it plans to reopen on March 4.

Why it matters

Thousands of Bahamians were furloughed at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic as major resorts closed their doors when the country’s border was shut to prevent further spread of the infectious disease.

The resort reopened Grand Hyatt, Baha Mar Casino and a few other restaurants and amenities in December.  The Rosewood would be part of its final reopening phase as the hotel welcomes guests back to its resorts.

Other details

Café Boulud The Bahamas, Baha Mar

Rosewood would reopen with Café Boulud The Bahamas which will offer the glamour of traditional French cuisine combined with the warm hospitality of a neighborhood café in a sophisticated Bahamian setting.

It will be led by the globally renowned Chef Daniel Boulud.

The menu will be inspired by Boulud’s four culinary muses – La Tradition, La Saison, La Mer and Le Voyage – in order to create a unique menu that will highlight the seasonality of local Caribbean ingredients.

Featuring some of the classical French dishes synonymous with Chef Daniel, Café Boulud will also showcase local vegetables and seafood, along with signature dishes like Paupiette of Sea Bass.

Featured image: Rosewood Baha Mar