Thursday, March 23, 2023


Public ‘Knot’ Going Easy on Suspect in Police Shooting

A picture in circulation showing a suspect in relation to a recent police shooting on Saturday┬áhas stirred much humor on social media, because of what seems to be a knot on the suspect’s forehead.

The suspect’s picture was circulated on social media. He is believed to have shot a police officer in the hand at Lynden Pindling Airport during the deposit for a business establishment.

The man, whom some have identified as ‘Darius,’ remains on the run as police question another suspect identified as ‘Mice’ whom they caught after the incident occurred.

Since then, hundreds of people have taken to social media to jest about the knot on his head.

A poster, Braden Carey wrote, “This is knot funny. The boy has a knot on his head. He was knot thinking when he tried to kill the police.”

Brendalee Rae said, “It was definitely knot right what he did to the officer. But trust and believe, he wishes he did knot do that.”

Milo Freeman added to the jokes, asking, “Where is his mother? I’m waiting for her to say that he did knot do it and he is knot guilty and he is knot a bad boy.”

Quzanne Collins said, “I am knot sorry for him.”

Llorette Issacs added, “They sure going to knot him up good in jail.”

Shavonne Kemp wrote, “He’s so lucky the police did knot kill him.”

Wilton Williamson said, “This is knot the way to get him to talk.”

Police continue to look for ‘Darius’ for questioning in this latest incident.

The injured officer is said to be in stable condition following surgery.

This story has been corrected and includes some updates.


Police Capture 17-year-old in Alleged Robbery and Rape of Woman

Police arrested a seventeen-year-old on Thursday, believed to be one of the robbery and rape suspects, who was seen tied and bound with ropes in a recent video as a group of vigilantes beat and questioned them.

The teenager was captured when he showed up at the hospital to receive medical attention for the injuries he sustained during the beating after his alleged act.

The young man along with his accomplices is believed to be responsible for the robbery and rape of a woman.

The woman was walking along Mackey Street around 5 am on Wednesday, when three young men armed with a gun, accosted and robbed her of cash and personal items, and are said to have sexually assaulted her behind a vacant building.

A group was believed to have captured the men where they are seen in the thirty-seven-second video bound with a green rope up to their necks and bleeding as they try to cast blame on one another.

One of the vigilantes in the video is heard asking, “Which one of you’ll run up on this woman?”

The captured male in a green shirt, finger points at his accomplice he called ‘Jerry,’ saying, “He run up on ‘Blood’ old lady…pull the gun on the woman and take her phone, carry the phone to ‘Deebo’ and run back and she run[s] in the middle of the road and start[s] screaming Jesus.

“She dropped and he dragged her through the cut,” the young man said as he recounted their actions.

While police have captured one of the young men, they say they are looking for the others involved in the attack of the woman.