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Haiti Police Riot After Gangs Kill 14 Officers; Davis Orders Diplomats Leave the Troubled Nation

Haitian police officers rioted in the streets of Port-au-Prince on Thursday, demanding its government act after armed gangs killed 14 of their colleagues. Dressed as civilians, officers blocked the streets and entrance to the country’s main airport as Prime Minister Ariel Henry arrived from Argentina where he attended the Community of Latin American and Caribbean…

‘Humble, Respectful and Kindhearted’: Retired Teacher Mourns Man Killed by BB Gun

A former teacher of a man who was killed in an alleged accidental shooting over the weekend expressed fond memories of the victim. Cleveland Ramsey who served as a principal and teacher in the Ministry of Education said Lavardo Fernander “was one of them in whom I was well pleased.” “During my 19 years in…

A Coworker Is Quizzed After His BB Gun Killed a Man

Authorities have not yet determined if a man could face criminal charges over the fatal shooting of a coworker while clearing a BB gun. The unidentified man in his 30s was enjoying a day shooting canisters with friends behind a building on Faith Avenue, when he was hit to the upper body by the pellets…

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