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Video Shows Hysteria on Boat After Missing US Teen Jumps Overboard

After the search for missing US teen Cameron Robbins was called off, a video emerged showing hysteria aboard the boat as the 18-year-old high school graduate swims bare-backed and in trunks only, drifting in another direction, away from a buoy that sat next to the boat in the dark ocean in the Bahamas. In shock,…

What We Know So Far About the Missing US Teen on Bahamas Graduation Trip

A recent high school graduate who took a celebration trip to the Bahamas with friends is missing after he went overboard on Wednesday night. Cameron Robins, 18, was on a vessel near Athol Island, an uninhabited island near Paradise Island,  when he “reportedly jumped overboard” around 9:40 pm. What is the status of the investigation?…

The Azario Major Case: What’s the Impact of the Coroner’s Ruling?

Seventeen months after four police officers shot and killed Azario Major outside a business establishment after a reported confrontation, a jury in the coroner’s court ruled the 31-year-old’s death to be a homicide by manslaughter on Wednesday. The jury reached their findings after three weeks of testimony in the attention-grabbing case involving a police shooting…

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