Saturday, June 3, 2023

Minister of Health Tenders Resignation

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Dr. Sands says “breach of protocol” is his reasoning for leaving office

Hours after stating that he will continue his work as Minister of Health, Dr. Duane Sands tendered his resignation from the cabinet.

In his letter to Prime Minister Hubert Minnis, he said, “I believe that my continued presence in the cabinet may serve as a distraction from our effort and hence I offer my resignation from your cabinet.”

On Monday, Dr. Minnis conceded that Dr. Sands “breached protocol” when Bahamians with residency status were allowed through the border during the national shut down, bringing with them, 2500 COVID-19 test kits.

Dr. Minnis said it was revealed that six people were on the plane, contradicting the initial report of 2 people on the private plane that was allowed to disembark.

Dr. Sands faced mounting criticisms from segments of society, who called for his resignation, including Opposition Leader Philip Davis who said, “nothing else will do.”

On Monday evening, Dr. Sands said, “I accept responsibility for the breach of protocol. I acknowledge that I acted outside of the scope of my authority in this matter.

“My actions were guided by my great desire to obtain the much-needed testing swabs which are in short supply both here and internationally and which are key to our efforts to trace the spread of the coronavirus so as to better focus our responses.

“I acted at all times in good faith,” Dr. Sands said.

Dr. Sands resignation has not been accepted by some members of the public who have called for him to reconsider his decision to resign.

One Facebook post reads: “I certainly hope the prime minister does not accept your resignation. I think that most intelligent citizens will agree that humans make mistakes. And what was done was in the best interest of our country doesn’t deserve this punishment. You and your team have done an amazing job and our country needs you. Please don’t resign.”

Another reads: “This is heartbreaking Sir. You were doing an excellent job and in the face of this pandemic. I feel the pettiness that may have brought this about is just ridiculous. You are an honorable man and is needed in place against this fight. God bless you sir.”

The prime minister can accept or deny the letter of resignation.

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