The Bahamas Records 2 Other COVID-19 Deaths

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The latest victims are all under 60 years of age

Minister of Health Duane Sands at a press conference today, revealed the death of 2 COVID19 patients at the Princess Margaret Hospital overnight.

The victims are believed to be a 67 year old woman and a 79 year old man who were hospitalized.

Sands said contact tracing continues as there are 24 confirmed cases–18 cases in New Providence, 5 cases in Grand Bahama and 1 death in Bimini, adding that some cases are stable while others are “very ill.”

Sands said there remains no vaccines to treat the virus.

He said the virus is spreading within communities and encouraged physical distancing as the greatest weapon against the spread of COVID19.

Sands emphasized that people should stay inside and not complying to the emergency order can lead to deaths, stating, “Your life depends on compliance.”

He said the virus damages the lung tissue and reduction in oxygen and carbon dioxide, one may be stable today but unstable in breathing.

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