Monday, February 6, 2023

Expect a Surge in COVID-19 Cases in the Coming Days

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Prime Minister reveals 3 new cases, totaling 14 coronavirus cases for the country

As Prime Minister Hubert Minnis revealed three new COVID-19 cases on Sunday, he said medical professionals expect a drastic increase in the number of cases in the next 20 days.

At a press conference at the Prime Minister’s Office, Dr. Minnis said to date, 14 cases of the virus have been discovered, with the latest cases showing no connection to previous cases.

One case is a forty-four year old woman with no travel history. The second case is a forty-four year old male with no travel history and a sixty-seven year old with a history of travel.

Chief Medical Officer at the Public Hospital Authority Dr. Pearl McMillan also on hand at the press conference, said of the three cases, one person remains at home and the other two people are hospitalized.

She revealed that a healthcare professional is believed to be infected with the disease and is included in the total count of 14 cases.

She said they are all in stable condition.

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