Sexual Predator Caught With Car Used in Crimes. He Is a Repeat Offender

Residents in the Bacardi area can breathe a sigh of relief after police arrested a 27-year-old man believed to be responsible for several sexual assaults in the area.

Police used a detailed sketch to track down the alleged predator and found him in possession of a vehicle used in one of the sexual crimes.

A woman was walking in the area on Monday morning around 10 am, when a man driving a grey vehicle pulled along her, forcing her into the vehicle, carrying her to nearby bushes and raping her.

When captured at his residence in Lincoln Boulevard, the police revealed the man is on bail for murder and armed robbery.

“Officers also recovered the alleged vehicle utilized in the commission of the crimes along with a loaded pistol.

The sexual assault followed the assault of 32 and 34-year-old women who were at home when a predator reportedly climbed through a window around 2 am, held them at gunpoint, robbed them of cash, sexually assaulted them then escaped in their vehicle, a red Nissan Note.

Authorities warned that sexual assault cases have increased when compared to last year and requested women, particularly in the Carmichael Road area to be vigilant.

Police increased saturation patrols in southwestern New Providence to handle the startling criminal trend.