Families Grieve Nigerian Men Killed by Bahamian Suspect in Canadian Night Club

The families of two Nigerian security guards are devastated after a Bahamian man shot and killed their loved ones at a nightclub in Vaughan, Ontario in the early mornings of July 23.

The men were described as “diligent workers” who were cherished by loved ones in Nigeria and Canada.

Chibueze Momah, 22, and Tosin Amos-Arowoshegbe, 25 were involved in an altercation at the ATL Lounge with Bahamian national Kensworth Alton Francis, 25, when Francis retrieved a gun from his vehicle and sprayed bullets in the nightclub, killing the men and wounding a 20-year-old patron.

Maureen Mrabure, the aunt of Momah said he was a calm and peaceful young man who moved to Canada for studies, searching for new opportunities.

Momah celebrated his birthday in May and was the only son of his parents who live in Nigeria. He completed his degree at Durham College in Computer Programming.

The aunt said, “The family is grieving for the loss of an innocent life, of a quiet spirit whose smile would light up a room, his dreams were to bring his sisters here (Canada) and create a life that was enjoyable and fruitful.”

The ATL Lounge where the shooting occurred at 3:30 am. The two Nigerian men died from gunshot wounds.
Canadian police are looking for Bahamian Kensworth Alton Francis, 27, seen here in the nightclub before the shooting.

Henry Izekeli, the pastor of the second man killed, Amos-Arowoshegabe, said the Nigerian student, too, relocated to Canada to further his studies and obtained a Bachelor of Science Degree in Structural Engineering. He completed his Master’s degree in June.

Amos-Arowoshegabe was the only son of three children of his parents in Abuja, Nigeria, where he once worked at an engineering construction firm.

“He was a humble, peaceful, cheerful, and promising young man, who was always beaming with a smile. Tosin carried with him an attractive smiling countenance.

“He was a brilliant young man, one of the best, brightest, and sharpest minds of his generation,” Izekeli said.

The gig as security personnel provided extra money as the two men studied.

The families and friends have launched a Go Fund Me to raise $50,000 for the burial costs and to assist with expenses to bring the families to Canada to bury the men.

High Commissioner of Nigeria to Canada His Excellency Adeiyinka Asekun pays a visit to the extended families and friends of the young men killed.

Canadian police have since issued a nationwide hunt for Francis who is thin-built and was last seen wearing a white and black shirt.

Police said Francis is armed and dangerous and they have advised him to find a lawyer and turn himself in.

When caught, Francis will face two charges of murder and one charge of attempted murder.