Tuesday, October 3, 2023


What to Know About the Bus Driver Killed on #15 Route

The bus driver killed on Tuesday during his routine drive has been identified as 32-year-old Giovanni Lafleur.

Lafleur made a stop on his number 15 bus on Florida Court, Robinson Road, to allow passengers to exit when the suspect got up from his seat and approached the driver and shot him in the head.

The driver died on the scene.

A 16-year-old boy sustained injuries during the ordeal and was hospitalized.

Who was Giovanni Lafleur?

  • Lafleur was arraigned in Magistrate’s Court in 2015 for the murder of Luternier Excelus.
  • He was also charged with the attempted murder of three others: Stephon Bastian, Denario Andrews and Frederick Morley.
  • Court documents say Lafleur shot Excelus while he played a game of dominoes on Matthew Street, Nassau Village. He pulled up with other occupants in a red Kia jeep and fired gunshots into the group. Excelus was shot in the left side of his chest and died.
  • Lafleur then with other men on the same night, shot into another group of men standing on Butler Street, Nassau Village, wounding the three men.
  • It took nearly a month before he was caught after an islandwide manhunt.

In a video, the 16-year-old injured during the shooting is seen holding his head with a bloodied white shirt as blood drips down his back. He hits the bus window on the driver’s side of the bus and shouts to Lafleur, “Wake up bey.”

Police are asking anyone with information to contact CDU at 502-9991/2.