Monday, January 18, 2021


Malcolm Gets New Show after Firing from Guardian Radio

Veteran journalist and radio host Michelle Malcolm landed a new gig after her firing from the Guardian Radio.

Malcolm announced in a social media post that she was given an opportunity to “take my show global.”

Malcolm hosted The Paradigm.

What did Michelle Malcolm say?

Malcolm recently appeared on a show, Africa and the African Diaspora: They Shall Know the Truth and the Truth Shall Set Them Free, hosted by Dr. Melida Barrows, known as the universal peace ambassador for Panama.

Malcolm said she was contacted by Barrows to be a part of the Global Chamber of Commerce while creating a global podcast.

She said a few days after The Paradigm was cancelled, Barrows called her about the opportunity. Malcolm recalled the phone call by Barrows.

“I said ‘OMG. Is this woman for real?’ This woman has no idea what transition I’m going through right now.  I have been quiet and people have been reaching out to me, ‘Michelle what happened? Are you ok?’

“I’ve just been quiet. This is the first time I have spoken publicly on this. When God is on your side, no matter what man tries to do to you, there is purpose. Even in their foolishness, there is purpose.”

While encouraging listeners, Malcolm said, “I am connected to my source, I don’t care what they do. Take your lil show. Because God has bigger and better on the way.”

Malcolm reminded viewers that change is not “something bad.” She said, “The trial is your transportation…Slow down. Breathe. Listen to the voice of the Almighty. That thing was orchestrated to take you to the next level.”

Malcolm said she is looking forward to working with Barrows.

What happened that caused Michelle Malcolm’s firing?

Activist Lincoln Bain appeared on her show to discuss a relative of former Cabinet Minister Brent Symonette, alleged aragonite mining in Andros. Bain claimed to have documents alleging improper dealings in Andros by Cameron Symonette.
Malcolm and Bain were later accused of making defamatory statements about the Symonettes, and faced a possible lawsuit after a “high-level meeting with the complainants and the station’s owners.”
Malcolm denied making defamatory statements.
Malcolm said the following morning, she received a call saying that a decision had been made to play a repeat show for that day. And, she was later informed that a decision had been made to “drop the hammer” on her. An e-mail was subsequently sent informing her that the show was cancelled with “immediate effect.”


The Fight for Aragonite. Is it Worth Billions?

A group of Bahamians led by Lincoln Bain, and backed by Centerville MP Reece Chipman assembled in Parliament Square on Wednesday morning, calling for the government to open investigations into the exportation of aragonite out of the country.

The big picture?

It is alleged that governments over the years have permitted only foreign companies to benefit from the sale of aragonite, which some people claim is worth millions of dollars and can add to the country’s economy, creating a new industry.

What they say

  • In its first gathering Down Town, group leader Lincoln Bain said the government should do what is right, saying, “We come in peace. When we come back, it will be a different story.”
  • He held up a black folder, containing what he says is, “evidence of the proposed document.”
  • He continued, “We know the value of our natural resources. You have been exploiting it. You have been mining it. You have been spending millions of dollars behind these same natural resources. And we know the truth.”
  • He said some U.S companies “may have been doing some things they should not have been doing” and the government should release reports on what companies have been mining.
  • Bain said he reported the matter to the Federal Trade Commission of the Federal Bureau of Investigation because he could not get help from the Bahamas government.

What Environment Minister Romould Ferreira has said

  • In 2018, a white paper was to be presented to Cabinet on aragonite. He said a study was to be conducted to determine the economic value and sustainability of the product.
  •  Ferreira said recommendations for the sustainable use of aragonite will be put forth because it is not sustainable over a human life span, saying it takes 100-2000 years for a grain to form.
  • He said the Bahamas can make more royalties from aragonite, but it will not make everyone a billionaire.

Ferreira explains the process of development of aragonite

US Company Dillingham Corporation mined since 1970’s

By-products of aragonite

  • limestone
  • chalk
  • pearl
  • bio-plastic