Monday, May 29, 2023


Sex Offender Is Dead After 5 Day Prison Release. Was It Vigilante Justice?

The sex offender publicly released last week, died today in hospital following his discovery through a small road.

According to the Nassau Guardian, Alden Scott was found unresponsive on a dirt road while bleeding through the nose.

It is not known if he was attacked or the origin of his injuries.

His brother, Ronald Scott spoke to the daily saying, “The policeman took him to the hospital…Here we are [a] couple [of] days later, he’s dead.”

The big picture

Alden was released on Friday after being added to the sex offender registry. He served nine years in prison for sexual assault and was sentenced to two years in prison for caressing a girl’s thigh back in January.

Why it matters

Alden was the first person to be added to the sex offenders’ registry in a public notice. Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe warned that the public should refrain from issuing vigilante justice and cautioned that public notification will be discontinued if anyone physically assaults Alden on his release.

How the public reacts

Some social media users expressed no empathy for Alden.

Devon Rox says, “Knowing what sexual assault does to a person mentally and physically until the day they die, I have no compassion for the rapist.”

Stacey Smith says, “God doesn’t sleep.”

Negrita Valdez says she anticipated that the sex offender would be killed after release. “I knew it wasn’t going to be too long for him to enjoy his freedom…”

Monique Knowles calls for law reforms. “I don’t know why laws are not stricter. He should not have been allowed out in public after the second offense.”

Convicted Sex Offender Released In First Public Notice. Who Is He?

Minister of National Security Wayne Munroe announced the release of a sex offender in a rare move at a press conference on Friday.

Who is the sex offender?

  • 55-year-old Alden Scott of Strachan Corner, off East Street .
  • He was convicted of sexually assaulting a nine-year old girl in 2021 after being sentenced to prison for nine years for a similar offence.
  • He is 5 feet and 5 inches with black hair, brown eyes.
  • He weighs 165 lbs.

Why it matters

This is the first time a sex offender’s release from prison has been announced publicly. Public outcry has grown louder as apparent cases of sexual offences increase in the country.

State of Play

If the offender is physically assaulted while released,  Munroe warned that the public notices will be discontinued.