Monday, June 5, 2023


Preacher Goes Off On 242 In The Know

A woman apostle is rebuking a popular Facebook group,  242 In The Know, after the group suggested that a prophecy she gave was false.

Apostle Yvette Saunders, dressed in a red dress and head wrap, said she speaks judgement on the group after it mocked a post of her saying “I saw water rising” as the country prepared for the passage of Hurricane Isaias.

In response to the mockery, Apostle Saunders said God told her to speak judgement on the group.

“God says I must come on and release judgement fire on 242 In The Know. You will hear about them. This is no gimmick. Notice I gat the color of judgement on. The spirit of God says to tell 242 In The Know, God’s true prophets will be respected,” she preached in a social media post.

She added that she will not be classified as other false prophets in the country.

On Saturday, after meteorologists announced that Isaias would hit the Bahamas, Saunders posted a picture on her Facebook page of water settling on Blue Hill and Carmichael Road. As confirmation to what she said God revealed to her, in the post Saunders says, “Bahamas, I told you this morning, I saw the water and God says he will speak to Nassau.”

An administrator of 242 In the Know captioned the photo, “Really Miss?”, while members of the group like Candy Rolle said, “That always like that when we have a lil rain, so that’s nothing new.”  Miguel Ferguson added, “I’m lost. She predicted rain during the hurricane season?” And Marsha Hepburn said, “That road floods on a regular.”

Saunders said they are allowing “the devil to fool” them and all those guilty of “bashing” her “will receive the judgement fire.”

Saunders has become popular on social media as she often prophesies and reveals visions that she said God gave to her about the Bahamas and the government.

She exclaimed to the group “You will not get away.”

“God says release judgement. You (the public) will hear about them.”

“You trying to say I [am] a liar. Saying ‘Miss really?’ Not even ‘Apostle Saunders’? You see the disrespect. Now because of your disrespect, God says receive the fire. Judgement is coming to you.”

Saunders said only repentance will turn back the hands of God’s judgement on 242 In The Know.

242 In The Know has since captioned her most recent post, “So no one took this woman her crazy pills a?”

Posters now wait to see if Saunders’ predictions about the group will come to pass.